Visit Italy

Travel off the beaten path in Italy. This is an unforgettable bucket list trip, especially if you've never traveled to Italy before.

Transportation In Italy

Try public transportation such as the bus. Take a taxi from the airport to Rome for about 50 euros & when possible you can save money by purchasing a train ticket.

For a family of 4 a European trip costs about $12.950 for 12 days in Italy. Averaging about $1,000 a day per family including everything, even airfare.


Day Trips

Rent a car from Rome for about $800 a week & take a day trip to Florence to tour the city and get skip-the-line tickets to the Accademia for a fun experience.

Train Travel

Train travel is easy and inexpensive making it a great way to get around. However, it's not accessible in the countryside, so budget also for a car rental when in Tuscany.

Summer is the high season & the hottest and most expensive time of year to go to Italy, but is still when people visit the most. Spring and Fall are cooler and cheaper times to visit. 

When To Go


Tour the Amalfi Coast and boat to the Blue Grotto. When in Rome, book a private tour and explore the city by foot for about $475 for a family of four.

Dining Costs

Plan on budgeting about $125 a day if you like pasta or pizza. For a treat, try an authentic cooking class. When staying at an agriturismo you can save money & prepare your own meals.

Hotel rooms can range anywhere from $300 a night to $1500 a night and can rarely accommodate a large group. Try an Airbnb stay instead.

Where To Stay