Where to Shop in Positano Italy for the Best Deals

I’m not a big shopper while on vacation. I’d rather spend my time exploring and much rather spend my money on excursions or really good food. However, when I do shop while traveling, I prefer to pick up a few things that I can incorporate into my home or wardrobe that are unique to the location.

I have paintings from Paris and New Orleans that I can’t walk by without thinking of those trips. I have pottery from Spain that reminds me of our fabulous time in Andalucia. I just splurged on a gorgeous handmade sweater in Iceland that so perfectly captures the spirit of the land of ice and fire.

Positano, Italy is one of those places where you just want to bring something home to remember its exquisite beauty. Positano also has its own special style. If you spend any time in Positano you will see women walking around in flowing fabrics, long skirts and peasant blouses in pastel colors and you will see these Positano designs sold all throughout town.

You will also see colorful ceramics up and down the Amalfi coast, many decorated with the ever-present lemon. Unlike Capri, the streets of Positano are not lined with the same high-end designer boutiques that you might find in every major city. Positano is much more about local designers and locally made goods. After spending three days wandering these streets and popping in and out of various shops, here are my recommendations on where to shop in Positano.

Where to shop in Positano

Strolling through the streets of Positano

Where to Shop in Positano

Household items — Casa e Bottega

When we visited Positano we rented an apartment on Via del Monte and would walk through town to the beach. On our way we stopped in at Casa e Bottega for a coffee or a healthy juice. I also admired their beautiful home goods like table linens, glassware, modern ceramics and decorative accents.

I fell in love with a beach bag but refrained from buying it because of the price. As soon as we left I regretted it and this year finally found something similar when we were in Ravello.

Viale Pasitea, 100, Positano

Shopping in Positano at Casa e bottega

The view from Casa e Bottega

Clothing for Women and Girls — Boutique Luisa

There are many shops that offer beachwear and “Positano-style” clothing, but I found the staff at Boutique Luisa to be especially helpful. Some of their styles might resemble the housecoats your Italian grandmother might wear but I also bought one of my favorite tops here, along with a sundress for Hannah in their classic style.

Via Pasitea, 78

Shopping in Positano -- beautiful handmade dresses for girls and women

Sundress from Boutique Luisa Moda Positano

Tamara and Hannah in Capri

My favorite top from Positano

Nadir Positano

Another of my favorite shops with moderately priced women’s clothing in Positano style is Nadir Positano. The staff here was also very friendly and helpful and their styles were very “Positano,” yet also very wearable. I bought an embroidered tunic that I wear quite frequently at home.

Via Pasitea 44

Where to shop in Positano -- Nadir Positano

My top from Nadir Positano

Antica Sartoria

One of the most famous Positano brands is Antica Sartoria. The clothing in these shops is absolutely beautiful, although not exactly practical. They are the type of clothes that look fabulous in Positano but don’t necessarily translate at home except maybe on the beach in the Hamptons.

It is a bit pricier than Luisa and the staff isn’t nearly as helpful, but I did manage to get a gorgeous scarf here for only about ten euro.

POSITANO MULINI, Piazza Mulini 1; POSITANO SPIAGGIA, Via del Brigantino 9

Handmade Sandals — Artigianato Rallo Moda Positano

My favorite “souvenir” from our time in Positano are my handmade sandals from Artigianato Rallo. In this small shop you pick out your base and heel height, then what color and style of straps you prefer. They then measure your foot and a couple of hours later, you can pick up your sandals. They will fit the straps to your foot and hammer them into the sole right in front of you.

Viale Pasitea, 54

Where to shop in Positano, Italy --ideas on what to buy and where to go

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  1. Would like to purchase a shopping bag (not a purse. Purchased one while in Positano last summer and would like another one. Purchased in Positano. The pattern is a navy background with lemons. The label says …..Lady Lemon, Made in Positano. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    Was hoping someone could direct me to the name of the children’s clothing store which I believe was near Via Regina Giovanna in positano. It had beautiful knitwear for infants hanging on the outside. Help!

    When visiting Positano a must location to visit and shop is absolutely Positano located just across the street from the open-air restaurant in the center of down town Positano…. and say hello to Irene

    As I was strolling around the winding pathways of Poistano two years ago, I stumbled across a very unique clothing store. The shop sold masterfully hand-painted, silk scarves and dresses with classic Pompeii themes. Can anyone tell me the name of this upscale shop and whether it’s still in operation?


      Sounds lovely, hopefully someone will have an answer for you.

    Still need to make my way to Positano! I’m the same way.. I don’t like to shop all that much when I’m traveling.. unless it’s something I absolutely need. I don’t feel like any of the other Italian cities / towns I visited had anything unique about how people dressed. I’m really curious to visit Positano and see it for myself! 🙂

    Shopping in Italy is too much fun to the point of being dangerous for a bank account. I certainly over did it the first time I went but how could I not buy real Italian leather sandals?!

      I know what you mean! Especially Florence with those leather goods.

    I haven’t been there yet and usually don’t care for shopping, especially clothes shopping, but the tops are beautiful so I would have to make an exception!

    My problem is that I want to buy everything! Thanks for these suggestions…now, to get myself to Positano. 😉

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