My 3 Favorite Things to Do in Rome

Note: Today’s kid’s corner post is written by my 10 year-old, sharing her three favorite things that we did on our recent trip to Rome. So if you want to know what things kids will enjoy — here you go!

Rome is a wonderfully unique city full of elegance, history and charm. Visiting this historic city was an incredible experience for the whole family. There were so many parts of Rome that I enjoyed including touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the fountains and piazzas, and the food tour.

1. Our Twilight Walking Tour with Walks of Italy (read my take on our tour)

On our first night in Rome, we took a twilight walking tour. We walked through piazzas with historic obelisks and fountains. One obelisk was from circa 700 BC! In Piazza Navona, we saw the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers, which showed the Nile, which represents Africa, the Danube, which is the river that represents Europe, the Ganges, which represents Asia, and the Rio de la Plata representing the Americas. We also saw the Spanish Steps that were to connect the Spanish Embassy to the French monastery; and the Pantheon. The Pantheon was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, but it was for his military advisor/general, Agrippa.

3 Favorite things to do in Rome - A Kid's Perspective from We3Travel
Posing on the Spanish Steps

 2. Touring the Colosseum and Forum with Overome (read more about this tour)

The next day, we went on a tour of the Colosseum and Forum. The Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheatre, was used as an amphitheater for gladiator fights. The not-so secret passages under the stage were used to house wild animals. After listening to violent, but true, explanations we headed over to the Roman Forum, an ancient meeting place. We saw the ruins of the house of the Vestal Virgins. The Vestal Virgins were girls that were priests from the temple of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The Vestal Virgins were not allowed to get married or have children. If one did, they would be buried alive!

3 Favorite Things to do in Rome - A Kid's Perspective: Colosseum and Forum
Inside the Colosseum

3. Food Tour with Eating Italy 

The day after, we went on an extraordinary food tour. We sampled food from restaurants in Trastevere, a neighborhood in Rome. Among my favorites were porchetta, gnocchi, pizza Margarita, and supplí. Pizza Margarita has tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil as toppings and was named after a queen of Italy who apparently wanted to get a pizza named after herself. Supplí is kind of like arancini except supplÍ is tomato based. Warning: It usually has extremely stretchy cheese in the middle.

3 Favorite Things to Do in Rome: A Kid's Perspective
Enjoying Suppli

I have already been many places, but Rome is my favorite city because it is an incredible city full of grace, history and hidden secrets.

Note: I just want to point out that while I took notes on our tours, she did not take notes but did remember all these facts just from soaking it all in on our tours so kudos to our tour guides and her awesome recall! Our tours with Walks of Italy, Overome and Eating Italy were complimentary or  discounted. I assure you, these opinions are all her own!


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Publish Date: July 17, 2014

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  1. What a great post. All these sound great, but Jess is especially taken with the food tour and Robert and Sarah like the idea of the Colosseum. We really enjoyed reading your point of view. If you wanted to look at our blog, you’ll see that we share writing duties between the three of us, Jess, who is 13, Robert, who is 9 and Sarah who is age unspecified 🙂

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