Kid’s Pizza Making Classes in Rome

So imagine you are 10 again and your “what I did over summer vacation” essay started with, “I learned how to make pizza in Rome…” How cool is that? This is why when Eating Italy told us about its pizza making classes for kids I was enticed. Once they added that parents got to eat and drink wine while we watched, I immediately said “sign us up!” Because again, how cool is that? I live in a state with a large Italian population and we could taking pizza making classes here but come on, pizza making in Rome? You can’t get more authentic unless you picked the ingredients yourself. And that is what we really wanted from this trip — an authentic Roman experience.

Eating Italy’s Kid’s Pizza Making Class in Rome brought us to another new neighborhood to explore — Testaccio. The class took place in the afternoon at La Torre Vecchio in the quiet hours before the dinner crowd comes in.  Sarah and Antonio from Eating Italy greeted us and made us feel immediately at home. Sarah is an American living in Rome with Antonio, whose Nonna clearly taught him a thing or two about pizza. Both were bubbly, silly, and brimming with an infectious energy that rubbed off on the kids and helped them get comfortable. While the class caters to English-speaking tourists, Sarah (and of course Antonio) were both fluent in Italian and able to help our mixed group feel completely at home with English and Italian translation. Before the kids got elbow deep in flour, they first learned a thing or two about the history of pizza…like where it was invented (Naples), what ingredients they used (tomatoes that originally were brought back from the New World), and how Pizza Margherita got its name (with Sarah and Antonio playing a very entertaining Queen Margherita of Italy and her Napoleon pizza maker.) But they still weren’t ready to get cooking until they learned more about the ingredients with a mystery feel and taste test.

Pizza School for Kids in Rome from Eating Italy

Sarah and Antonio as Queen Margherita and her pizza maker

With chef hats on and aprons donned, it was time to get cooking. The kids all got to mix ingredients to create their own individual pizzas. After mixing and kneading their dough, they did a quick switcheroo (just like FoodTV) for a dough that had already been rising. It was a lot of work rolling out the dough but it looked like the kids were having a lot of fun doing so. My husband and I were perfectly content to sit and watch in the air conditioned restaurant, sipping wine and munching on delicious antipasto including cheeses, meats, olives, and some of the sweetest, most amazing sun dried tomatoes I have ever tasted. After all, when do the kids do all the cooking and we get to relax?

Antipasta at kids pizza making class in Rome with Eating Italy

Our yummy antipasto and wine

After adding the sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil (extra basil for my girl), the pizzas went into the oven and the kids got to take a break and enjoy their hard work. The grown ups each got their own pizza too so there was no shortage of delicious food. Since the meal was topped off with gelato, we were all stuffed to the gills and ended up taking at least half a pizza back to our apartment in case we wanted a late night snack. The afternoon concluded with a graduation ceremony, where each child was awarded a “Pizza Chef” badge to mark their achievements. I imagine show and tell in September will include bringing in the badge and apron to talk about this truly unique experience.

Watch the video and experience the fun! Eating Italy offers adult cooking classes with Nonna and Pizza School for Kids. Pizza school classes are offered Monday through Saturday at 4:45 pm and run approximately 2.5 hours. Classes are 40 euro per child and 45 euro per adult and the price includes antipasto, pizza, wine, soft drinks, and gelato. The classes are designed for younger children, ages 5-10.


Kid's pizza making classes in Rome

Note: Eating Italy hosted our family for Pizza School but the opinions are our own.

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10 Comments on “Kid’s Pizza Making Classes in Rome

  1. […] to get a glimpse of this experience, and to read more about it here’s a post written on the pizza making school for kids by We3Travel. A big thanks to Eating Italy Food Tours for extending the invitation to nieces to join the Pizza […]

      Do you still offer pizza making for kids in Rome. If yes, please send me information. Thank you.

        We took a class with Eating Italy but I don’t believe they offer it any longer. You may want to check out options with LivItaly.com for family cooking classes.

    Thanks for sharing your story – I am so jealous! I am trying to do more “experience” souvenirs just like this…I am traveling to Montana this year, and may take a fly fishing lesson!

      That sounds like a great idea! I can’t think of that and not imagine the gorgeous scenery from A River Runs Through It.

    Fantastic idea! I wish we knew about this when we were in Rome. My girls would have loved it, and if I got to sample the results it would have been a complete win!

      It was great, the adults get to watch, relax, drink wine and sample antipasti while the kids learn all about pizza and then everyone eats family style.

    After Seeing this article I knew this would be perfect for my 5-year-old daughter but unfortunately it looks like is not offered anymore by Eating Italy. So sad!

      It is a shame because it was so fun! I know that LivItaly also offers a cooking class for the whole family with an Italian grandma in her home if you want to check that one out.

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