5 Reasons to Take a Disney VIP Tour (and 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

My Disney VIP tour was hosted by Disney as part of a press trip with Visit Florida. This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

When I was on a press trip I had a chance to take one of the Disney VIP tours. As someone that had only been to Disney twice before in my life, taking a Disney VIP tour was eye opening. I had heard of private VIP tours of Disney from third-party guides, but didn’t realize you could take an officially-sanctioned Disney World VIP tour. While the experience was very special, I also had mixed feelings afterward, so I wanted to share both the pros and the cons.

Private Disney VIP Tours

Pandora Valley of Mo'ara Disney

But first, let me lay out the details in case you aren’t familiar with Disney VIP tours. Disney World private VIP tours can accommodate up to 10 guests. The tour guide is a Disney cast member and the tour can be custom designed to focus on the rides and the Disney parks that you want to experience.

Private Disney VIP tours cost anywhere from $400-600 per hour, depending on the season, and have a minimum commitment of seven continuous hours. This does not include park tickets. (Purchase discounted tickets through my affiliate partner Getaway Today!) Private premium VIP tours are popular and it is recommended to book up to 180 days in advance of your visit.

There are also group VIP tours with pre-set itineraries such as the Ultimate Day of Thrills or the Disney Classics tour. These tours are offered at specific days of the week and times of the day for $199-399 per person for a four to seven hour tour (park admission not included.)

In addition to the VIP Tours offered by Disney, there are third-party tour companies that offer VIP tours to Disney World and Universal Orlando, such as Magic VIP Tours. These third-party tours tend to be a little more affordable.

Why You Should Book a Disney VIP Tour

So now let’s look at reasons why to take a VIP tour of Disney World. These advantages are based on having taken a VIP Tour offered by Disney directly.

You have limited time

If you have limited time to spend in the parks, the best way to maximize that time, especially if you aren’t a Disney planning pro, is to have a VIP tour. Your guide will talk to you about your “must dos” and understand the types of rides and attractions you like best.

For example, are you a thrill seeker or thrill avoider? They can also take into account the ages and sizes of any children in your party to focus on the rides that everyone can enjoy. Maybe you just want to focus on Magic Kingdom or perhaps you want to maximize your family vacation and hit all four parks — the private guides can make it happen.

Disney VIP guides can zip you in and out of attractions and parks in the most efficient ways possible with minimal time spent waiting in line. In seven hours, we hit three of the four parks.

We were able to squeeze in the brand-new Soarin’ ride in Epcot; Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; and still spend a few hours enjoying a gourmet dinner, Jungle Book Show, and multiple trips on Everest.

Skip the line

Part of maximizing your time and having a VIP experience is the ability to skip the line. To be clear, a VIP tour gives you access to the FastPass line. You can’t actually skip that line, but you can go back into that line over and over if you really like a ride and you don’t have to deal with navigating the Fast Pass+ system. VIP tours from private companies deal with FastPasses differently.

Disney VIP tour - Star Wars Launch Bay

But in addition to having a guide to create an efficient itinerary and route you quickly through the crowds, getting access to the Fast Pass lane saves a ton of time and avoids all the whining and fussing that comes with waiting in long lines. And you aren’t limited to your three Fast Passes, you get access to the Fast Pass lane for every ride.

Go behind the scenes

When I was in business school, we read a lot of case studies about the magic of Disney marketing. From the time I learned about the secret tunnels and entrances that allowed the cast members and characters to magically appear where they are needed, I was curious what Disney parks were like behind the scenes.

One of my favorite parts of our Disney-led VIP tour was getting to go in and out of cast entrances. You rarely get a peek behind that curtain but using employee roads, parking and entrances allows you to quickly get to exactly the attraction you want to visit. Many of the features of a VIP tour are about convenience and efficiency, but this truly is something you can’t do on your own.

VIP treatment

I greatly enjoyed some of the stories our guide shared about the celebrities and dignitaries she has guided through Disney. But there were times when our VIP guide gave the sort of concierge service that luxury travelers greatly appreciate.

For example, we were there in June and the temperatures were well above 90 degrees. Imagine how happy we were to disembark off of the safari ride in Animal Kingdom to see our guide standing there with bottles of cold water.

Or, when one of our group lost her phone and while we watched the Jungle Book show, our private guide searched it down from where it had fallen out during a ride on Everest. Plus, our reservations at Tiffins and VIP seating at the show weren’t too shabby either.

Families traveling together

Disney World VIP tours

If you are two families traveling together, you can share that fee and on a per person basis, maybe it becomes a bit more palatable. The trick will be getting everyone to agree on what to do. But the nice part of that is you can hand the decision making over to the guide and tell the kids you need to follow the schedule they developed — taking you off the hot seat.

Are Disney VIP Tours Worth It?

There are also a few good reasons why you may not want to take a Disney VIP tour.


Disney VIP tour of Animal Kingdom

Price is the obvious con to a VIP tour of Walt Disney World. Not many families have a spare $2800-$4200 (plus tickets) to drop on a VIP tour. But hey, if you want to have the experience of a lifetime, maybe it is worth a splurge.

Not an authentic experience

What may not be as obvious is what a different experience you have when on a VIP tour. Instead of experiencing the magic of walking through the gates or seeing the Castle for the first time, you are whisked behind the scenes directly to the ride you want to visit. I had never been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and even though I got to hug Chewie and had my chance to ride Tower of Terror, I have absolutely no idea what the park looks like.

Likewise, I hadn’t been to Epcot in over 30 years but our power walk from the side entrance to Frozen and then in the back way to Soarin’ left me with no sense of how much has changed or stayed the same.

So if you are fluent in the language of Disney, you’ve had your Disney “firsts” and you just want to get the most out of a short visit — then by all means book a Disney VIP tour.

But I really wouldn’t recommend it for your kids’ first Disney experience. It was just a little too surgical. And I know that it was designed that way to maximize four writers’ time to see the latest attractions but still, you can’t fit it all in without some of those shortcuts.

Teaching privilege

The other thing that kind of rubbed me the wrong way is something that I struggle with often as we get to travel and experience things that many families will never get a chance to see. And that is providing my child with a privileged experience that is unattainable for most of her peers.

If that is the only way that a child experiences the world, it would be easy to become entitled and to expect those opportunities to always be available to them.

I work hard to make sure that when we are getting a special experience, my daughter knows it and she knows that we have either saved for that splurge, or it is a perk of the hard work and very long nights that I’m putting in in exchange. I want her to know that if she wants the occasional special experience in her life, she’ll need to work hard to have the ability to save for those experiences.

I think there is something quite educational and rewarding about a traditional Disney experience — complete with lines and crowds. But once you have been there and done that and just want to see what is new or find a fun way to celebrate a special occasion, a Disney VIP tour really can be a magical experience. Just make sure the kids don’t expect that type of experience every time.

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5 Comments on “5 Reasons to Take a Disney VIP Tour (and 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

  1. I appreciate your honesty with this review. I think We travel writers too often forget to reality check experiences like this and don’t acknowledge that many people can’t afford VIP/luxury travel, at least not all of the time. The truth is if we were traveling on our own dime most of us couldn’t afford them either.

      Thanks Eileen, I appreciate it. Even if money is no object (which for most it isn’t) there are still real reasons why it may not be the best choice, or at least not every time.

    I am a native Floridian and go to all the Disney Theme Parks and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. This was the first time we hired a private vip tour guide for our family. We went with magicviptours.com but I think most of the companies use the same guides etc since they are all ex or current Disney employees. I couldn’t afford $3,000 a day for my family of 5 to visit a park so we went with a private guided Disney world tour company instead of going directly with the mouse. The tour companies charge about $150 per hour with a 6 hour minimum. This sounds like a lot of money to spend on top of the tickets, food, hotel and resort fees and I was hesistant to spend about $900 per day for the family to have a vip tour experience at Disney World. After 3 days (and yes $2700) later we saw all the Disney world parks in day 1 and 2 and spent day 3 at Universal Studios watching the Harry Potter Castle Christmas light laser show.
    We did this same routine last year without a guide and the difference was amazing. First off it took 5 days to “see” all the Disney parks. Average line wait times are 2-3 hours during the holidays and spring season so you really only can pick a few favorites before you have to start planning dinner and setting up reservations. We did all of this in 2 days (magic kingdom and Hollywood studios on day one) and Epcot and Animal kingdom on day two. We had plenty of time to spare on day 2 and 3. I also saved about $150 x 5 each day in ticket savings since we didn’t have to spend a full day in each park to see everything everyone wanted to see – we didn’t have to buy additional park days. We did park hoppers for 2 days instead of having to buy the 4 or 5 day pass deal. Our guide was great but I think most companies hire former Disney guides anyway so there is no need to worry about getting someone that does not know the parks etc.. We used MagicVipTours.com they do all the theme parks in Orlando and California too if I remember correctly. Our guide Mia was great and helped push the stroller and keep the kids occupied with mickey and Cinderella stories. We waited in no lines and got dinner reservations on Christmas eve at Cinderella’s Castle with no fuss. But the line skipping is where it’s at. We bypassed all the lines and didn’t have to wait more than a minute or two usually for the riders to exit the ride. There is no reason to wait 2-3 hours with kids for a 4 minute roller coaster and with a lot kids having ADD and adhd now a days this is the way to go. I could never go back to theme parks without hiring a private vip tour guide. Magic Vip Tours was great they created a custom itinerary and had everything taken care of for us. Our guide Mia was a former Disney Character (she played Tinkerbelle I think) and was friendly and knowledgeable. The way I see it is that we broke even since I had to hire the guide but we saved two days and all that time that would have been wasted waiting in lines was spent with the wife and the kids while sipping cocktails by the 4 seasons Golden Oak Property. 3 days of fun 2 days of relaxing instead of 5 days of torture. you be the judge. To hire a guide for Disney World Private Tour you can call or visit the website. Ask for Mia we said we would give her a good rating on this site. Their number is 888-504-6847 and website is magicviptours.com

      Great info, thanks for the feedback!

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