5 Must Try Foods When Visiting Ocean City, MD

Everyone associates Maryland with crab, but I wondered what else are the must-try foods in Ocean City, Maryland? When we headed down to Maryland in April, I consulted with locals and did some experimentation to find out. Here is our shortlist. Join in with your suggestions in the comments below.

Must Try Foods in Ocean City

1. Crab – you can’t go to Maryland and not eat crabs! Since we tried steamed crabs last year in Baltimore, we focused on crab cakes, crab imperial, and just about anything else stuffed with crab. If you are wondering where to go, locals suggest the crab cakes at Coins Pub & Restaurant and others swear by the steamed crab from the Crab Bag. Hoopers gets high marks for its all-you-can-eat crab fest as a “must do”, but others feel it is past its prime.

Crab Imperial - 5 Must Try Foods in Ocean City, MD
Crab Imperial from Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant

2. Rockfish – also called a striped bass, rockfish is the official state fish of Maryland, so clearly it needs to be a must try when visiting Ocean City.  A flaky white fish, rockfish can be prepared in many ways so just pick one you like and go for it.

Rockfish - 5 Must Try Foods when Visiting Ocean City MD
Rockfish over risotto with sauteed spinach and lump crab meat

3. Fractured Prune Donuts – these always hot, fresh dipped donuts are all the rage in Ocean City and I can’t wait until they make their way north. Instead of rows of donuts, you pick your flavor and they crank them out and glaze them right in front of you with mouthwatering flavors like OC Sand, S’more and Peppermint Patty.

4. Thrasher’s Fries – these fries have been tempting Ocean City visitors since 1926 and are still a favorite boardwalk food made from the simplest ingredients…potatoes, peanut oil, apple cider vinegar and salt. Since french fries are my favorite food and diet downfall, I was crushed that Thrasher’s was closed when we visited recently in the off-season. So enjoy a bucket in the summer, but then run a few length of the boardwalk to work them off.

Thrasher's Fries - 5 Must Try Foods in Ocean City MD
Thrasher’s French Fries from the boardwalk

5. Fisher’s Popcorn – Fisher’s is another boardwalk staple since 1937, specializing in caramel popcorn but also offering other flavors like Caramel with Peanuts, Cinnamon Caramel, Butter flavored, White Cheddar and Old Bay.

Fisher's Popcorn - 5 Must Try Foods in Ocean City, MD
Fisher’s Popcorn

A Few More Must Try Foods:

1. Peach dumplings from baked dessert cafe — the official dessert of nearby Berlin, MD is delectable, but get there early before they run out. You can always go kayaking to work off those calories!

Peach dumpling - Must Try Foods in Ocean City, MD
Peach dumpling from baked dessert cafe in Berlin, MD

2. Marsh Mud Ice Cream — If you are up for a side trip from Ocean City, the Island Creamery in Chincoteague, VA is so proud of their Marsh Mud ice cream they even made up t-shirts with the flavor on it. This super chocolatey flavor is homemade and a great way to top off a day of pony watching.

Island Creamery Marsh Mud Ice cream - Must Try Foods in Ocean City, MD
Marsh Mud Ice Cream from Island Creamery

3. Dumser’s Dairyland – right in Ocean City, MD is another ice cream option. Dumser’s has been selling its ice cream on the boardwalk since 1939.


What to eat in Ocean City, Maryland -- 5 Must Try Foods, plus a couple of extras around the area.

Photo Credits:Thrasher’s Fries courtesy of BigBirdz on Flickr via Creative Commons License, has been edited for size. Fisher’s Popcorn photo courtesy of Austin Kirk via Creative Commons License and has been edited for size. Island Creamery photo courtesy of Paulo Ordoveza via Flickr Creative Commons License and has been edited for size.

Thank you to Worcester County Tourism and the Quality Inn for hosting our recent stay in Ocean City, MD.

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Publish Date: June 10, 2014

27 thoughts on “5 Must Try Foods When Visiting Ocean City, MD”

  1. LOVE Dough Roller Pizza! Have to have it and Nick Idoni’s House of Ribs at least twice during the week are at the O.C.

  2. Though there are so many tremendous Pizza Shops on the Boardwalk and throughout, there is just something about Tony’s. It IS OCMD to me

  3. Christine Brode

    My family prefers Dolle’s taffy and caramel corn. They have been there since 1910 and we like them the best.

      1. Its a pretzel place on the Boardwalk that specializes in stuffed pretzels, from crab and cheese pretzels to chicken and cheese they have it all that should definitely be on the list!

    1. I agree. The Wrapper definitely needs to be on the list! They have the best combinations of foods in the pretzel dough. Hammerhead’s (on the boardwalk) should also be on the list. They have great coconut shrimp!

  4. A “must try” in Ocean City ( 63rd St and Ocean Highway, Bayside) is Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli. The food is delicious and the service quick and friendly.
    Put this on your “must try” list.

  5. Harrison's Harbor Watch

    Thanks for the pic of our crab imperial! Hope to see you this summer!

  6. aaaaaayyyy how about the bull on the beach there PIT BEEF sandwiches with all the FIXINGS are the BEST In O C .MD ……….

  7. I am an eastern shore girl and Thrashers, crab cakes, and Fishers have been in my life for 64 years no matter where I lived.

  8. Crab Bag has great food! Love their Oyster Po’boy! Best Italian Cold Cut is also in Berlin, around the corner from Baked Desserts at Main Street Deli! They also have great Maryland Crab Soup and Cream of Crab Soup! If you get a chance though, you absolutely must try their Shrimp and Potato Soup!

  9. I can not go to OCMD without going to FishTales on 22nd street, Barn 34, Hooked, and Hooter’s.

  10. I send Fishers popcorn and salt water taffy to relatives for presents. They are out of Ocean City so they truly enjoy it. That is something I miss also here in Fl. Forget Florida crabs. They can’t compare to Md. crabs.

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