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My favorite way to explore a new destination is through the local food. After all, you really can’t go to Maryland without having crab, New Orleans without trying beignets, Vienna without schnitzel, Wisconsin without cheese curds, Philadelphia without having a cheesesteak, and New Mexico without deciding whether you prefer green or red chilis. You get the idea.

Locals foods are part of what makes a place unique. They reflect the local cultures, ingredients, and traditions. As a travel blogger, and a traveler that loves food, I don’t want to give that up.

Unfortunately, when I break from my regular eating routine, my heartburn really flares up. Ever since I was in my 20s, I have been dealing with frequent heartburn and acid reflux. It only got worse after having a child.

For the past few years, I have had to deal with this more and more. I went from being someone that hated carrying a purse, to making sure I have a bag big enough to carry my little portable pharmacy of antacids. And that little pharmacy had to come with me everywhere because I never knew when heartburn would strike.

Eventually I have learned how to manage this frequent heartburn and I want to share some of my tips to help out my fellow travelers.

3 Ways to Manage Frequent Heartburn While Traveling

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1 – Know your trigger foods

The foods that started to bother me when I first started having issues were tomato sauce and orange or pineapple juice. It was pretty easy to just avoid those foods and know that if I did succumb and eat my sister’s amazing lasagna, I would be doubled over in pain halfway through the meal.

As the list of foods that bothered me got longer, I began to rely on my antacids more and more. While you can’t always know what will trigger your heartburn, over time you get a pretty good idea of what foods you need to avoid. (Like anything fried or fatty.)

If you are like my husband and conveniently “forget” that corn chips will keep you up half the night with heartburn, keep a food diary so you start to recognize trends.

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2 – Eat in moderation

At home it is pretty easy to avoid these foods altogether and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Well, at least theoretically it is easier when you have access to a kitchen and fresh ingredients.

However, when you are on the road it is harder. Especially when you want to try local foods. I hate to give that up, but I also don’t need to overindulge. I will try to pick just a few of these foods to try and spread them out over my visit. Of course, as a travel blogger I sometimes get caught up in trying to find the “best” of a particular item in a region (like key lime pie!).

But a standard traveler can just do a little research on this blog and others to find those very special must-try foods (and where to find the best version). Then balance it out. If you are going to try a green chili cheeseburger for lunch, start with a green smoothie for breakfast. You don’t need to go all in for every meal.

And if you are traveling with a group or your family, why not order a dish for the table to share instead of everyone getting their own?

As with so much in life, it is about moderation. Having a trigger food once a day may not be too much, but if you are traveling for a week, it starts to have a cumulative effect.

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3 – Try Prilosec OTC to manage frequent heartburn

If you suffer from frequent heartburn, you may want to consider trying Prilosec OTC. Personally, I made the switch from relying on antacids to using Prilosec OTC a few years ago. No more late nights spent sitting up dealing with heartburn, no constant burning in the back of my throat and ears, no more avoiding every food with the slightest bit of acid or fat.

However, when I am traveling, I make sure to start taking Prilosec OTC again before I leave and slip some in my bag for the trip. And it is something I can leave in the hotel room, instead of carrying it with me all the time. No need to tote around a stash of antacids anymore!

I like that I can take Prilosec OTC to avoid getting heartburn and still enjoy the foods I love (in moderation of course!) 

I am comfortable taking Prilosec OTC because my doctor recommended it. However, it is also the #1 doctor, gastroenterologist, and pharmacist recommended OTC frequent heartburn medicine for 13 straight years too (according to the IQVIA ProVoice Survey, Jan 2005-Mar 2018 and Pharmacy Times Surveys, Acid Reducer/Heartburn Categories 2006-2018)


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