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I wrote recently about why to keep a travel journal. Now I’d like to talk about how. Any old notebook or journal works but if you want to encourage kids to keep track of their travels, it makes sense to give them something a little more inspiring. At the end of a long travel day, writing about your day is hard for everyone, but especially for kids. Yet just like adults they will appreciate looking back at their memories later (plus it will help with those school writing assignments about “What I Did on my Vacation”!)

One thing I’ve learned from my daughter’s teacher is that writing is easier for kids if they are given a writing prompt.  So I talked to my girl about what things she likes to put in her travel journals and what types of prompts might make it easier to keep a travel journal. With her input I put together the following kid travel journal printable pages–including a cover and two inside pages.

With this free kid travel journal printable cover, your child can personalize their journal with their name, indicate where on the map they are going, and record the dates of the trip.

Kid Travel Journal Printable Cover for download at

Kid Travel Journal Printable Cover


Just click here to download the free PDF of the  kid travel journal printable cover.

I’ve also put together two interior pages. Just print as many of these (double-sided if you can) for the number of days of your trip. The first page lets your child record the date and location and choose how they felt about the day (loved it, liked it, meh, ugh, tired, or sick.) Kids can also write about what they saw, the best thing they ate, where they stayed, and their favorite part of the day. There are also icons to select how they traveled (plane, train, car, taxi, subway, boat, bike or walking) and what the weather was like (hot, sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snowy or cold.)

Kid Travel Journal Printable Interior Page downloadable at

Kid Travel Journal Printable – Interior Page

Click here to download the interior page PDF of the kid travel journal printable.

The second interior page gives plenty of room to draw a picture that represents their day, to help those that are more visual than verbal. It also provides space to write about something they learned to keep track of all the amazing education that comes through travel like facts about a place they visited, a new word in a new language, or something about the culture you are visiting.

Free kid travel journal printable picture page downloadable at

Kid Travel Journal Picture Page


Click to download the PDF of the kid travel journal printable drawing page.

Before you leave just print out the number of pages you need and staple it, bind it, or put it in a pocket folder with room to save ticket stubs, programs, and more.

When on the road, don’t wait until the meltdown at bedtime to think about writing in journals. Stick it in your day bag along with some crayons and pencils and use it as a way to keep kids entertained while waiting to be served at restaurants or other downtime throughout the day.

Be sure to also check out my tips for raising a good traveler and ways to prepare your kids for vacation.

If you use these journal printables, I’d love to hear about how it worked out. Send me pictures or leave a comment below or on Facebook.


Capture memories and teach kids the joy of journaling with these free travel journal printable for kids.


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  1. This is awesome! Is there an online version of this? I want to start a travel journal for my 3 year old, where we document everywhere she’s been, what she did on the trip, etc…. Would be great to be able to add pics, videos, all trips listed separately so you can go through each one at any time. Do you know of any like that? Thanks.

      Dave, did you find anything for your 3 year old? I’m looking to start this for my two little ones…

        Hey Sue,
        After a lot of research, I settled on a journaling app called Day One. I bought it for my Mac and there’s also an iPhone app that goes along with it. It’s been great so far. I’ve entered her first Thanksgiving, x-mas, pony ride, when family comes to town, all the vacations we go on. It’s super cool. It did cost around $30, which is the only negative, as there are free journaling apps out there. But I figure it’s something I’ll use forever as long as I’m into it, so, I forked over for it. It gets great reviews when researching those apps. It also automatically backs up to their cloud so you don’t have to bother saving it anywhere. Pretty cool…


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    Thanks for this – it is exactly what I was looking for. Will be using your lovely materials!

    […] be fun (and practical) to assign the kids a job for the trip. Maybe they could be responsible for keeping a travel journal, documenting all of the things you’ve seen and done along the way. Perhaps older children might […]

    LOVE this! Thank you!

    These are great–thank you!

    Love it! I have 2 students traveling to Asia this month and i am sending this with them. Thank you

    Thank you I love the journal

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    Thanks! This is just what I was looking for and i think my kids will love it!

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