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If you are looking for a holiday getaway with the kids, Snowland at the Great Wolf Lodge has it going on. I was invited to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge New England this past weekend to participate in their “Snowland” festivities. From the minute we walked in the door and were greeted by the roaring fire and the lobby twinkling with lights from the many decorated trees and snowflakes dangling from the ceiling, we were in the holiday mood.

Snowland runs from November 26, 2016 – January 1, 2017 and is more than just holiday theming throughout the resort. There are numerous ways to surprise and delight the kids including dining in a life-size gingerbread house, milk and cookie deliveries from Wiley the Wolf, festive Snowland activities, and the specially decorated Snowland Suites. As if MagiQuest, Howlin’ Timbers Play Park, and its massive waterpark weren’t enough to keep kids happy! While we celebrated Hannah’s 11th birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge, this time we had a whole different “howliday” experience.

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Today’s guest post is written by my cousin, Zachary Gruber, who is an avid tennis player and world traveler.

I’ve been playing tennis for most of my 15 years, and my earliest memories involve me running around on a tennis court sporting a toddler-sized racquet. Frankly, it was love right from the start; I’ve always felt completely at home on a tennis court. I’ve had the good fortune to attend the Wimbledon championships and several matches at the U.S. Open.

It is no surprise that when I travel with my family, it’s really important to me to find hotels with good tennis facilities. For me, this means well-maintained courts and tennis pros that I can learn from. I’ve experienced hotel tennis facilities that have run the gamut from courts that resembled beach volleyball courts, to state-of-the-art courts which could host grand slam events, and everything in between.

It’s always a pleasure to arrive at a hotel and find beautiful tennis courts where I can enjoy spending time. A few of my favorite hotels for tennis fans are: Read More

You see that picture above? That “Wild Walk” is what convinced me that a visit to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake was a “must-do” on our trip to the Adirondacks in New York this summer. Did I want to walk through the treetops? Yes. Hang out in an eagle’s nest overlooking the Adirondack Mountains? Definitely. Crawl through a giant spider web? Ok, as long as there are no actual spiders involved.

The Wild Walk is the newest addition to the Wild Center, a natural history museum with indoor exhibits and outdoor hiking trails. Opened in 2015, the Wild Walk spans 81 acres and offers a true bird’s eye view of the treetops.Typically, when people talk about treetop courses, they are usually referring to an adventure course involving ziplines and precarious rope bridges. This is not what you will find on the Wild Walk. Instead, the Wild Center is a nature museum just where it should be — outdoors. Read More

From what I have heard, going to any of the Orlando amusement parks between Christmas and New Year’s Day is something of a disaster. There is typically such overcrowding that they often close park entrances by mid-morning. So it is no wonder that I had a bit of trepidation about heading to Universal Orlando at Thanksgiving last year. But, we really, really wanted to get to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, and we were already going to be in Florida to visit family, so it seemed only fitting to squeeze in a quick trip up to Orlando. I was prepared for the days around Thanksgiving at Universal Orlando to be just as crowded as it is at Christmas, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here is what we found that may help you plan your trip. Read More