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Today’s post is by 12 year-old Hannah, who gives you a sense of Reykjavik from a kid’s point of view.

I know from personal experience that kids tend not to like walking around old cities, but even though Reykjavik is kinda old, it’s still a vibrant city worth exploring. Some parts, like the Harpa, are very modern, but some other things, like the old clock tower, are still charming in their old age. Also, there are many boats you can take from Reykjavik, from puffin cruises, to ferries. All in all, Reykjavik is a great city to visit. Now let me tell you about some highlights. Read More

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When I was a kid, I came home from school every day feeling nauseous and dizzy after sitting in the back of the school bus. Even today, there is a reason why I prefer to drive on road trips — because as a passenger (especially in the back), I get car sick. Unfortunately it is one of those things that also gets worse with age, as I’ve learned over and over during our travels. But just like Glenn doesn’t let his fear of heights stop him from trying new things (ok, for the most part), I don’t want my motion sickness to stop me from traveling, so I’ve learned to be prepared by packing Dramamine®, the leaders in motion sickness relief.

Without Dramamine®, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy some of our very special experiences including: Read More

Would it surprise you to learn that Delaware has the same terroir as Bordeaux in France? Wine connoisseurs have found that the area around the Delaware Bay and River has many commonalities between the Gironde River in Bordeaux, including the soil make up and Atlantic climates. This makes Delaware and the Chesapeake comparable to the Right Bank of Bordeaux. These factors are turning the area around the Delaware Bay into an up-and-coming wine region, with two wineries in Southern Delaware, including Nassua Valley Vineyards and Fenwick Wine Cellars.

Delaware already has a good number of craft breweries and distilleries and there will even soon be a meadery opening near Milton. Southern Delaware Tourism has put together a Delaware Wine and Ale Trail, and visitors that stop at 8 out of the 12 locations will receive a free Wine and Ale Trail beer mug or wine glass. Since I was visiting Southern Delaware on a mother-daughter trip, we weren’t about to hit eight of these stops, but we did manage to visit three. Here are my recommendations for beer tasting in Delaware. Read More

It isn’t easy for parents to get away and have some romantic alone time. I know many couples who have never had a night away from their kids. We don’t get that time often, and it only happens because our daughter spends a couple of weeks at sleep away camp each summer. But when we do have the opportunity, we try to make the most of it because even one night away from the daily grind can be renewing for ourselves and our relationship.

Because these tend to be quick getaways, we like to look for something in driving distance, like Providence, Newport, Connecticut, Boston and, our favorite, Portland, Maine. Portland has become an annual destination for us since we stay over one night before picking up Hannah at camp the next morning. Not only do we get to reconnect with friends also visiting for “camp weekend,” but we truly just love Portland. It has amazing food, fun things to do (and not just for kids), and is a charming and walkable city. So for those looking for a romantic escape, I’ve put together your guide for a weekend getaway to Portland Maine.

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