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I’m an admitted lighthouse fan so when Cross Sound Ferry invited me to try out their new “Lights and Sights” tour this spring, I was eager to see what they had in store. Last fall we cruised past nine lighthouses on their Classic New England Lighthouse tour, and this brand new tour for 2016 promised beautiful views of the Fishers Island, New York and Watch Hill, Rhode Island coastlines. And you know who has a beautiful mansion in Watch Hill, right? The celeb who hadĀ pictures of her kissing on the beach recently? Read More

I first heard about Sail Wild Hearts when my friend Karen over on Family Travels on a Budget raved aboutĀ their full-day sail into the Gulf of Mexico to see the Blue Angels flight squadron. On my second trip back to Gulf Shores Orange Beach, Alabama for a girlfriend getaway, I knew this is something to add to our list of things to do. But since it was early April, I didn’t really want to get into the water for paddle boarding, kayaking or snorkeling, so a sunset catamaran in Orange Beach seemed like the perfect fit.

When I’ve done sunset catamaran cruises in the past in places like Aruba, they tended to be big party boats but this one is decidedly family-friendly. While they gladly offer water and soft drinks on board, no alcohol is served. You are allowed to bring on your own soft-sided cooler with alcoholic beverages but, at least when we went, we didn’t see anyone over-indulging, it just wasn’t that sort of vibe. The crew at Sail Wild Hearts also laid out a nice spread of chips, dips, crackers, cheese and veggies inside the cabin but the real place to be is outside. Read More

If you are planning a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, it is important to know that there are not many hotels. The better option — whether visiting with the family or for a girlfriend getaway like I was — is finding a vacation rental. There are many high-rise condos to choose from, so it is best to work with a reputable rental agent to help you find the right property. On my last trip, we stayed down at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, but this time I wanted to check out Gulf Shores. And, I really wanted to be on the beach this time. Luckily, the fine people at Young’s Suncoast Realty & Vacation Rentals offered to help me out.

While Young’s Suncoast offers many properties throughout Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, we thought that a vacation rental at Crystal Tower Gulf Shores would be a good fit. Since I was visiting for a girlfriend getaway, we each wanted our own space and privacy. At the same time, we wanted to be on the beach and not too far from local restaurants and activities. Read More

Before we even left for Mexico, I’d heard that the Grand Velas Riviera Maya Spa was amazing and I was looking forward to trying it out. Yet it is one of those things that until you experience it yourself, you can’t really imagine what would make one spa so special. I soon discovered for myself why they won all their awards and kicked off our family vacation with the best spa experience of my life — what a way to kick off a trip!

Now I love a real spa experience. To me, if I’m going to spend money for a massage, I want a full experience — robe, relaxation room, steam room, jacuzzi…the works. A local Massage Envy may be great for working out the kinks, but it is not really relaxing. And on vacation, relaxation is what it is all about at a resort like the Grand Velas. Read More