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“Mom, I know we have been to some amazing places and those trips have all been great, but this was the best trip ever.” And with that, Hannah put into words something that we had all been feeling throughout our week at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana. We have been to beaches, theme parks, European capitals, and explored the wilds of Iceland. But nothing was quite like our time on a family dude ranch. Since returning from Montana I’ve become a bit of an evangelist on the value of dude ranch vacations for families, so I just had to share what makes family dude ranch vacations so special.

And before you say, sure Tamara, but you have a girl that loves horses, what would others think of family ranch vacations? Let me tell you, you don’t need to love horses to enjoy a family ranch vacation — although some willingness to try riding is pretty important. Read More

It is no secret that a family trip to Disney World is expensive. There are a million articles out there about how to save money on a trip to Disney, like buying discounted theme park tickets, purchasing merchandise and “souvenirs” in advance, and finding places where kids eat free. But not everyone wants to sacrifice on quality and convenience just to save a few bucks on accommodations. This summer I found a place where you don’t have to sacrifice either. You also don’t have to give up on Disney theming and amenities. The B Resort & Spa in Lake Buena Vista provides that there are family-friendly luxury Disney World hotels under 150 per night. B Resort & Spa is located near Disney Springs, with a free shuttle to all four of the Disney theme parks and waterparks.

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The over 500 miles of pristine beaches that line the shores of Cape Cod, a peninsula that extends from southeastern Massachusetts and curls into the Atlantic Ocean, beckon thousands of families during the summer. But my favorite time to visit this scenic stretch of land is during the shoulder seasons. In the fall, the water can still be warm enough for swimming; and in spring, the colorful flowers fight off the doldrums that accompany the long New England winters. But the real reason I love Cape Cod in the off-season is that you don’t need to sit in traffic jams to cross the bridges onto the Cape, you can find a parking spot in the quaint towns like Chatham and Provincetown, and you can find your own slice of solitude on the beaches.

We have visited in September, October and last May, when we stayed at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Chatham, and have compiled a list of of things to do on Cape Cod in the off-season.  Read More

Close your eyes for a minute and picture this. A large, calm lake surrounded by soft mountain peaks. Further off, you can see the darker shadows of larger mountains in their distant hues of blues and green. The air is warm as the sun touches your skin, but underneath lays that edge of chill that gives testament to chilly mornings and brisk nights. The breeze blows in the fragrance of pine needles, wood smoke, and that clean mountain air that has attracted visitors for decades, whether seeking cures for tuberculosis or escapes from city life. As you sit in silent meditation, around you swirl the sounds of motor boats trolling by, the gentle slosh of a canoe or kayak paddle, the wild splashes of a rambunctious dog as it races into the water after a ball, and the joyful shrieks of children playing on the shore.

In the center of town, sitting by another lake, the cars motor past and the visitors clomp down the sidewalk, in search of food and drink. Nearby you hear music playing from a local restaurant or pub. The smells of barbecue, fried fish, and freshly-made waffle cones fill the air. Different from the peaceful lakeside meditation you found nearby, but no less welcome at the end of the day. Read More