10 Days in Greece

Planning a trip to Greece? Like most European countries, anytime is a great time to visit Greece. Winter months = lower prices & the peak season of July and August = warmer weather.

Take a walking tour of Santorini where you can enjoy the ancient signature blue and white architecture, watch a sunset, then hit the party scene and dance the night away.

Santorini & Mykonos

Foodie Lovers

Treat yourself to a half-day wine tour & wine tasting in Santorini. Immerse yourself in local culture and taste fresh seafood, homemade cheese, bread, and pasta with an epic foodie tour.


Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands. Spoil yourself with a boutique hotel stay and be lazy on the gorgeous white sand beaches.

Book an amazing agricultural guided tour of the region. Take a cooking class and make homemade olive oil using a press, for a unique experience in Greece.

Cultural Experiences

Greek Islands

Take a day trip island hopping and shop local artisan souvenirs. You can also try public transport  by taking a ferry from Athens to Santorini if  you have time.


Surf the pristine waves on the beaches in Naxos, swim the islets off Antiparos, go paddle boarding in Santorini or just relax and watch the sunset.


Snorkel in sea caves and sail alongside dolphins while exploring the islands in Greece. Book these activities during the shoulder season for a more affordable rate!

Athens is on the mainland of Greece making it accessible. Walk the streets & book a stay at the Hotel Grand Bretagne which has amazing views of the Acropolis & other historic sites.

Visiting Athens