Iceland Travel Guide

Get all the information you need for your trip to Iceland. From trip cost to fun things to do and how to save money!

Iceland Travel Budget

The average cost is $250 per person per day including airfare, a reasonable exchange rate, and travel insurance.

You can stay anywhere from fun low-key affordable hostels to high-quality expensive hotels. You can even try camping to save money.



Food in Iceland is delicious but pricey. An average meal can cost $15 - $30. You can save money with happy hour deals and eating casual meals like Icelandic hot dogs.


Book a tour if you want to see the Northern Lights up close. For an amazing time and iconic views, explore turquoise glaciers on a Glacier Hike Tour.

Take an affordable day trip to the Golden Circle and Thingvellir National Park to see wildlife, fantastic views, and to hike trails all on your own!



The gorgeous aqua Blue Lagoon Hot Springs is a must-visit but it will cost you, so also supplement your trip with free nature hikes and scenic drives.

Budget Tips

Due to the cost of living, touring Iceland can be expensive. When on a budget, avoid tourist spots, tours, & expensive dining. Instead, try camping, eating casually, & free activities.

Take an affordable flight to Keflavik Airport with Play Airlines, & then catch a shuttle bus to Reykjavik, where you can rent a car and road trip around the country.