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We were driving through Grand Tetons National Park last month, on a narrow and winding road up Signal Mountain, when we ran across a car stopped in the middle of the road. As we were about to start cursing out the driver who decided that was a good spot to stop, we noticed a little girl on the side of the road with red vomit splashed all over her clothing and at her feet. My heart went out to her and at the mom looking hopelessly at her, struggling to figure out what to do.

I’ve been there many times. The first was after a visit to a local dairy farm when Hannah tried chocolate milk for the first (and last) time. On our drive home I heard a noise and I glanced back to see a volcano of chocolate vomit erupting from her mouth. Luckily I still carried around a tub of wipes wherever we went but beyond that, she had to wait until we got home. After the hours I spent scrubbing the carseat and upholstery in my car, that was the last time I wanted to be caught unprepared.

It was certainly not the last time it happened. There was the time that we were only 20 minutes in to a road trip when it happened and we were able to turn around, give her a bath, clean up the car and start all over again. There was the spaghetti on the Garden State Parkway, ice cream cake after a birthday party at SkyZone that convinced me to ditch the booster seat for good, and the cleanest clean up of all on the Connecticut Turnpike where she threw up into a drawstring GAP bag and I closed it up, pulled into a rest area, dropped it in the trash and continued our journey home.

Tips for Dealing with Carsickness

There isn’t a lot you can do if you or your child is prone to car sickness, but you can be prepared. Here are my top tips for dealing with car sickness.

  1. Always pack the Dramamine® for Kids. Dramamine® for Kids is the only medicated motion sickness relief product formulated just for children ages 2-12 from the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand. It has a convenient travel case that I keep in my glove compartment — just in case! While my daughter can now swallow a pill, I like that Dramamine® for kids is available in a kid-friendly chewable grape flavor. Luckily it can work quickly to treat symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness.Tips for dealing with car sickness
  2. Keep plastic bags in the car. Just in case, it is good to keep a nice sturdy plastic bag in the seat-back pocket, door pocket or within easy reach if your child starts feeling queasy. I still love those drawstring GAP bags.
  3. Never travel without wipes. Wipes are the one item every traveler should keep on hand for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being sickness clean up. When my daughter was really getting car sick a lot, I kept a towel in the trunk for clean up.
  4. Bring a change of clothes. If you are heading out for a day and you know you are going to be on winding roads or taking a long trip, bring along a change of clothes — just in case!
  5. Ditch the DVDs and devices. It is hard to do but sometimes looking at screens can add to the feeling of motion sickness. Better to put on a audiobook or some music everyone can sing along to and keep the eyes up and facing forward to minimize motion sickness.
  6. Open the window. When queasiness hits, crack the window so fresh air can help brush aside those feelings.
  7. Take a break. When all else fails, make a pit stop and take a walk, get something to drink, or just sit still to calm the belly.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes motion sickness is unavoidable so I wish you luck! Before it hits you, put together your car sickness preparedness kit. Click here for your Dramamine® digital coupon to help you get started.

Dramamine for kids

This post was sponsored by Dramamine® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

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