Last week was been crazy, from a weekend away to a two day migraine to three days in Detroit with the Manic Mommies Chevy Mavens (more on that later), so needless to say I haven’t had much time to write. Luckily my daughter wrote something when we were in Positano that I wanted to share with you, along with some pictures of Positano that attempt to capture the beauty of this special place.

Kid’s Turn: Positano

The beach is amazing — I watch the waves roll onto the hot stones.
I watch the children playing happily in the ocean.
I feel free in the warm waters of the sea.
The sea foam lures me into the water.
I listen to the gulls calling and remember how lucky I am to be here.
I plunge into the sea.
The aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean Sea fill me with joy.
I look out even further, to the sapphire blue water of the deep ocean.
I look up and see the cliffs that are the foundation of houses and shops.
The natural beauty of this world stuns me.
I look at the towering rocks and feel happiness rising inside.

Postcards from Positano

Pictures from Positano

Kid’s Turn: Reflections on Positano


Positano beach

The beach is all rocks but the water is gorgeous

Positano beach: Postcards from Positano

Looking down at the Spiaggia Grande

Positano harbor: Postcards from Positano

Every day more yachts filled the harbor

View of Positano harbor: Postcards from Positano

The hillsides were dripping with the purple fountains of bougainvillea

Pictures of Positano

Our apartment was 200 steps up from the main road

bouganvilla walkway

The crowded walkways were busy with daytrippers shopping

Positano cathedral: Pictures from Positano

The sun shining down on the town bathing it with light

Flowers of Positano

Everywhere you turn there were beautiful flowers bursting with color

Climbing the stairs of Positano: Pictures of Positano

The stairs gave us a work out but the views were worth it

Houses of Positano: Pictures of Positano

The houses perched on the side of the cliff are an engineering feat

Cliffs of Positano: Pictures from Positano

The clouds and mist would cling to the cliffs even when the sun was shining

Positano Italy

The light streaming down made it hard to get good photos because it was so bright

View of apartment: Pictures of Positano

The view from our apartment at Via Monte 23

 Have you been to Positano? Do these photos make you want to go? Do you think she captured the magic of Positano in her poem? Leave me a comment below! Also visit my Facebook page for more pictures of Positano, Italy.


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