Check the Northern Lights off your Bucket List with a Hurtigruten Cruise

Thank you to Hurtigruten Voyages for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging me to visit Norway and see the Northern Lights! #hurtigruten

If I were to write down my bucket list, it would be as long as my arm, as there are few places in the world I don’t want to see. That is why I’ve started to think about my bucket list not in terms of where I want to go, but the travel adventures that I’d like to experience. If I think about my cold weather travel experience bucket list, there are a few adventures that come to mind immediately:

1. See penguins in Antarctica

2. Witness the Northern Lights

3. Go dog sledding

4. Watch polar bears in the wild

5. Toboggan down a Swiss alp (yes, I was a fan of Heidi)

We’ve been toying with the idea of a trip to Iceland or Scandinavia, but after seeing what Hurtigruten Cruises has to offer this winter, a northern lights Norway cruise is very tempting. Not only does it check seeing the northern lights off my list, something we’ve wanted to do since my daughter was a toddler and learned to say Aurora Borealis after watching the Little Einsteins show, we’d also get a chance to participate in a dog sledding excursion. I can’t even tell you how many boxes this ticks for my daughter. In second grade she saved up her allowance to pay for the live stream of the Iditarod. If she doesn’t get a chance to go dog sledding soon she will probably start saving up for that experience as well!

Northern Lights Norway Cruise

Plus, she is a wanna be astrophysicist who looks up to Neil Degrasse Tyson as a role model, so Hurtigruten’s Astronomy Voyage sounds absolutely perfect! It offers:

  • A full tour of the Norwegian Coast and Hurtigruten’s 34 posts
  • A chance to see the Northern Lights
  • Lectures on board about the night sky and the Northern Lights
  • A visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium at Tromsø in the Arctic Circle

Northern lights Norway cruise

Hurtigruten small ship cruises explore stunning fjords and UNESCO World Heritage sites along over a thousand miles of Norway’s coastline. With 11 small ships departing almost every day of the year, and 34 ports to explore, Hurtigruten offers a mix of local encounters, amazing scenery, and unique onshore adventures like dog sledging, snowmobiling, or taking part in a Viking Feast.

Why Now is a Great Time for a Northern Lights Norway Cruise

Hurtigruten small ship cruise

NASA predicts that this year is the peak of an 11-year cycle for Northern Lights displays and the closer you are to the Earth’s poles, the better quality auroras you will see. Tromsø, Norway, is right in the middle of the Magnetic North Pole and traveling along the celebrated ‘Hurtigruten Route’ from Bergen to Kinkiness will offer excellent opportunities for unforgettable Arctic and Northern Lights experiences.

Plus Hurtigruten is now offering up to 30 percent off listed fares while occupancy levels are low — so now is definitely the time to book! Hurtigruten offers 6, 7, 11, and 12 day winter coastal voyages from only $965 per person, and the 6-day voyage / 1-night hotel “In Search of the Northern Lights” package from $879 per person.

Northern light Norway Cruise

There is no better time to cross the Northern Lights (and dog sledding) off your Bucket List! Visit the Hurtigruten website to learn more.

Have you seen the Northern Lights or been to Norway?

Norway's Northern Lights - Packages from only $899 per person

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  1. The Northern Lights are on my bucket list! I’m a space geek, too and think the Astronomy Voyage sounds kinda nifty.

    No to both, but some of my family members have (my parents and some of my younger siblings lived in Sweden for a few years, plus my mom grew up in Alaska). This would be an incredible trip!

    Another destination added to my bucket list. What an amazing cruise that would be!

      Right? I really, really, really want to see the Northern lights.

    Never been to Norway or saw the Northern lights, I do have a bucket list for every decade and this post is inspiring to add this to the list!

    Seeing the northern lights is top of my bucket list and has been so some time now. And if I can see polar bears at the same time it would be like all of my dreams coming true!

      I dont think they could be at the same time but dog sledding could!

    The northern lights are definitely on my list…and my daughter and husband would literally be over the moon at the experience. Sounds like an incredible trip!

    The dog sledding excursion would be so amazing!! I’ve never heard of this sort of cruise before – it sure would be an adventure! The Stow family has never ever cruised before, EVER!

      We havent cruised as a family either but we were thinking maybe Alaska in 2016 but we would need to do something like this for the Northern lights. Sigh, so many places, so little time?

    I haven’t seen the Northern Lights or been to Norway. I’d definitely like to travel to Norway but I’m not sure about the Northern Lights. I’m sure it’s an amazing view, almost majestic.

    Northern Lights is definitely on my bucket list! Regret that I didn’t go to Norway when I lived in Europe.

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