Guest post by Hannah, Age 11

When I heard that we were going snow tubing in Quebec at Villages Vacances Valcartier, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I had no idea what snow tubing was, so I thought we’d just be pushed down some teeny hill in a tube. I didn’t realize we’d be going down greens and blues, just like when skiing; I didn’t realize I’d be begging for more.

We started off easy, doing green trails 14 and 12 over and over. They were fun, but after a while, I got bored and suggested we try trail 8, another, steeper, (better,) green. So we gave trail 8 a try…and then I spotted trail 9.

This one was a blue, but it didn’t look terrible. It seemed only a little bit steeper than 8, so I asked if we could try it next time around. My mom had already tried it and said it wasn’t bad so we headed over.

Snow tubing at Villages Vacances Valcartier

Everyone was reluctant to go first, but I nominated my dad for the job, mostly because I knew my mom and I would get a laugh out of his reaction. So down he went, shouting, “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh… Ahhhhh!!”

I went into hysterics when I heard it. I wasn’t laughing at him. Ok, maybe I was, but you would have laughed too if you were there. It was hilarious. After he got off the track, I asked my mom if we could go together. The answer was yes again.

I got into my tube and grabbed the long handle on my mom’s tube. Then she got in, gave us a push and we were off. The first hill was the biggest, so I immediately felt like I lost my stomach. We whooshed down super fast, and I barely had time to yell “This is so much fun!” before we reached the end of the big hill, we then flew over bumps and slowed to a stop at the end. I loved it.

Snow tubing in Quebec at Village Vacanes Valcartier was a perfect winter family fun day. Highly recommended if you are visiting Quebec City in the winter!

I loved it so much that I requested we do it again and again and again…even after being told that it actually was going to be the last time this time about three times. I didn’t want to leave, so I kept begging to go just one more time, but this time they said no and eventually I gave in and we headed indoors. I had so much fun tubing and certainly want to do it many more times.

Snow tubing at Villages Vacances Valcartier

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