If you squeal with delight when frightened, then a visit to Fright Fest Six Flags New England is in order. Less than 2 steps into the park, I was already screaming while my husband and son were left laughing at me. If I am being totally honest, I thought for sure I wouldn’t be scared at all, let alone during the daylight hours. After I watched the creature go back behind some bushes, I took a moment to look for all the exits! I say creature because I was too busy screaming to actually make eye contact. Also, they must have taken a secret sleuthing class because “it” was nowhere to be seen seconds prior! All jokes aside, day or night, you can be assured that Six Flags New England Halloween brings the fright factor to a new level.

What’s New at Fright Fest Six Flags New England

CarnEvil is the newest addition to Six Flags New England Fright Fest. A massive scare zone located in the South End has a max thrill level. Here you will find sinister clowns, freaks of all kinds as well as the Freakshow Creepshow where you will get to bear witness to live feats of danger.

Six Flags New England Halloween Attractions


The Magic of Daniel GreenWolf is like nothing you have ever seen from a magician. Paired with daredevil acts, the magic of illusion and Celtic storytelling, this show will surely entertain everyone. Located at the Goliath Patio, the show runs daily and it is best to check the Six Flags mobile app for showtimes.

Fright Fest magician

Haunted Attractions

There are FIVE haunted attractions for you enjoy and each one has a unique way of scaring you unlike the last. Perhaps the two scariest are the Wicked Woods & The Aftermath: Zombie’s Revenge, as you must walk through the dark forest with a small group only to wait for the time you will be spooked, scared or surprised with each and every step you take.  These are not for the faint of heart and you WILL experience the fright by night you came for.


Six Flags New England has transformed five rides to ensure they deliver a frightening experience. They have transformed a childhood favorite ride into a nightmarish ride. Tea cups no more, for the terror twist is here. Fog starts to lift, the lights start to flash and sounds of the sinister creators of CarnEvil are all you hear.

Six Flags New England Halloween

Scare Zones

There are 5 distinct scare zones throughout the park, each with a hideous theme. The Demon District is probably the scariest by far. Monsters you couldn’t even imagine taunt and delight at the screams from those walking through their territory. For those who prefer to skip out on these frightful experiences, there are signs throughout the park making you aware you are about to enter a scare zone. There are “safe” places to hide, you just need to find them!

Fright Fest Six Flags

Important Tips for Visiting Six Flags New England Fright Fest

  • The haunted house attractions require an extra admission ticket. You can either add it on to the general admission ticket starting at $72.99 or season ticket holders can purchase it separately starting at $40.99. You can also upgrade to the VIP Haunted House Ticket for reduced wait times and unlimited visits to the attractions the night of your visit. You can buy tickets online.
  • Hours for some haunted attractions start at 6pm and vary throughout the park. Be sure to check the website or mobile app for hours.
  • There is no re-entry to the park after 6pm, even for season ticket holders. You should plan accordingly.
  • Do not dress up, wear a mask or costume to Fright Fest. It is a safety issue and they want all guests and employees to have zero confusion as to whom the guest versus performer is.

If Fright Fest sounds a bit too frightening for you, have no fear! Six Flags New England still has many thrills for you to enjoy minus the fright! Check out how you can get your thrill on at Six Flags. With so much to do, no wonder it’s called the “Thrill Capital of New England”.


Six Flags Fright Fest

Today’s post was written by Joy Adamonis. Photos courtesy of Joy Adamonis. She was hosted by Six Flags New England and all opinions are her own.

Joy is a full-time wife and mother to a twice-exceptional child. She advocates for better education, food allergy awareness, positive self-esteem and ending the mental health stigma.To fill her little piece of spare time, she is a blogger, freelance writer and runs a successful yoga & art therapy business. She encourages those around her to write and tell their stories, even if they think no one is listening. Keep the art of storytelling alive. You can read more about her at Joyfulnoise.blog


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