My Day Bag Packing List for Family Travel

We are getting ready to leave for another trip and I’m starting to think about what to bring with us.  Since we will be doing a lot of touring around cities, I’m going to break out my favorite day bag, my Kipling cross-body bag.  I adore this bag for many reasons.  First, it is just the right size to hold my essentials without weighing me down. Next, it is very secure since I with the cross-body design I can easily keep it close, plus it has many zippered pockets, a clasp for my small wallet, and a fold over flap that clips shut.  No pickpocket is getting into this sucker!

This bag has a front pocket with room for my phone and camera, a couple of small zippered pockets for valuables, and a large inner compartment that can fit a sweater, a bottle of water, my toiletries and other essentials.  I also like the bag zippered pocket that is not hidden by the flap so it is easy to access for things like my itinerary or map that I aren’t valuable but I need to reference often. And who can forget their cute little monkey? Ok, I took that off but it was cute.

So what goes in my bag for a day of walking around a city?

Day Bag Packing List for Family Travel:

  • My smartphone pre-loaded with maps and apps
  • My Canon point-and-shoot camera (since my iPhone 4 doesn’t always take the best pictures)
  • Our itinerary with addresses and information about all of our stops for the day
  • A small wallet/chain purse with just the essentials (credit card, debit card, ID, healthcare card and some cash)– I clip this into the purse in the inner pocket to make it easy to find and hard to steal
  • My toiletry kit with: tissues, hand sanitizer, Neosporin spray, bandaids, WetOnes, lip balm, moisturizer, small sunscreen, Tide stain remover pen, Tums and other digestive aids, pain reliever, and Benadryl (we don’t have allergies but I like to be prepared)
  • A bottle of water
  • A light wrap or sweater for me and my daughter if we expect to go into chilly air conditioning or a church that might require covering bare shoulders
  • Pens and a small notebook or travel journal for recording our memories and killing time while waiting for meals (especially when traveling to places that operate on “vacationtime.”
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks — usually at least one non-chocolate covered (they melt) protein bar for when hunger makes one or all of us cranky and food isn’t readily available

So what did I forget? What are your must haves for a day in the city?

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