My Favorite California Experiences

I’ve written a lot about our spring break trip to California including stops in Sonoma, San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Cambria and Paso Robles. Today’s post is written by Hannah, age 11, where she talks about her very favorite experiences on our trip.

I loved every aspect of our recent trip to California trip, but these are a few of my favorite experiences.

  1. The first place we went to was Sonoma wine country. My favorite thing there was going to the Larson Family winery. We were just getting off the airplane, so I was glad that there was plenty of space to run around. There were also three dogs, all of which were labs, and one of the winery’s cabernets was called “Three Lab Cab.”

    Family friendly wineries in Sonoma California

    Running around at Larsen Winery

  2. The second city we went to was San Francisco. The best thing there was, to me, the Golden Gate Vista Point. My dad wasn’t such a fan of it, seeing that he’s afraid of heights, but I loved it. You got a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay.

    2 Days in San Francisco with Kids -- a sample itinerary of what to do with kids, tweens and teens in San Francisco if you just have two days.

    Enjoying the view at Vista Point

  3. In San Francisco I also loved the California Academy of Sciences and Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. The California Academy of Sciences was full of exhibits and fun things, and my favorite part was the rainforest. It was like walking through a jungle, except you could access all stories, and see animals, plants, bugs, and fish from many parts of the world. The tea garden was very quiet in contrast to the noisy rainforest. There were small pools with koi, tranquil bridges and pagodas, stunning trees, and flowers in full bloom. It was so serene, I almost forgot where we were!

    Why you should visit Golden Gate Park when you are in San Francisco, including a visit to the California Academy of Sciences, deYoung Museum, Conservatory of Flowers, Buffalo Paddock, and the Koret Children's Quarter.

    Soaking in the peaceful setting in the Japanese Gardens

  4. Another highlight of our trip was the Monterey Aquarium. You could see fish, otters, turtles, sharks, penguins, and more. I loved watching the jellyfish propel themselves through their tanks.

    California with Kids -- favorite experiences from a kid's point of view

    Watching the jellies at the Monterey Aquarium

  5. Carmel is a very charming town in central California with an amazing beach. One morning, we went walking on it and a dog came up to us, obviously wanting to play. So we threw his ball into the waves, and he ran into the water to fetch it, then brought it back to us. So cute. I really liked exploring the town but my favorite was our morning on the beach.

    California with Kids -- favorite experiences from a kid's point of view

    Playing with the dogs on the beach in Carmel

  6. Finally, we went to the Paso Robles Valley and went to the Shale Oak winery for a wine and cookie tasting (I was the designated cookie taster!) And boy, were those cookies good! My personal favorites were the raspberry and rose hip, and orange and poppyseed cookies. Yum!

    California with Kids -- favorite experiences from a kid's point of view

    Cookie tasting at Shale Oak

These were by far my favorite parts of our wonderful vacation to California and if I liked them, your kids probably will too!


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  1. Hannah, it looks like you had a great trip to California. I really want to try a raspberry and rose hip cookie!

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