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Staying in shape in your 40s is hard, and it is even more challenging when you spend a lot of time on the road. After spending 12 days on a road trip through the South, I can now barely button my jeans. I try to build activities into all my trips — like hiking or kayaking — but clearly that isn’t enough. Especially when a lot of my walking involves food tours! It is time for a change.

When BodyBoss reached out to see if I would review its Ultimate Body 12-week Fitness Guide, I thought, “maybe this is what I’ve been looking for.” So I decided to give it a shot. I know I could get up super early and hit the hotel gym, but that isn’t always an option and after long days exploring and staying up late to catch up on email, writing, photo editing, and social media…that just isn’t happening. I need something that is quick, gives me more than just cardio so I can tone all my muscle groups, doesn’t require any extra equipment, and can be done anywhere. Bonus points if I don’t need to pack any extra gear!

Ding, ding, ding!! BodyBoss fitness guide ticks all the boxes. Its 12-week program is geared to rapidly burn fat with an easy-to-follow, highly-structured approach. That is just what I need — to be told exactly what to do. It is probably why I gravitate to the machines in the gym versus the free weights. Because I know if I follow the circuit and the instructions, I don’t need to think about what to do next.

Body Boss Fitness Guide

The BodyBoss method is built around three core benefits: rapidly burn fat, re-invent your shape, and save time and money. The BodyBoss Method uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), combined with stretches, cardio, power-up workouts, and recovery workouts to deliver results. The secret sauce behind the high intensity workouts is the afterburn effect, which raises your resting metabolism post-workout to burn more fat.

The high intensity approach has been shown to:

  • Burn more fat and calories than steady cardio workouts
  • Work faster
  • Boost metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout
  • Increase endurance and speed
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Help shed fat while retaining muscle to reshape the body
  • Slow down the aging process by triggering the human growth hormone

BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-week Fitness Guide

The program itself is broken into five steps. If you aren’t already in good shape, there is a four-week pre-training program. Then you move into the core 12-week program, moving from the kick-start to step up, body boost, and finally the “boss” level. The program is available either online, via a print guide, or both. Online access is $49.50, the print guide is $65.90, or you could get both for a bundle price. (Use promo code WE3TRAVEL to save 15%, valid until January 31, 2018.)

BodyBoss fitness guide book

Personally, I really like having the printed book because it is easy to keep it right in front of you during the workout. Since it is spiral bound, the pages lay flat and you don’t need to worry about losing your spot when the book flips shut. It is also nice to have the online version because if you are traveling light, you may not want to bring the book with you (or you may just forget it.) The online version also comes with interactive animations (GIFs) if you need a reference to work on your form. At 196-pages, the book can be a bit heavy to lug around. My one request would be for it to come in a ring binder, so I could remove just the pages that I need at the time. But that is just me as a traveler always thinking about lightening my load.

Body Boss fitness guide open

Equipment Required

BodyBoss workouts are designed to be done anywhere so very little equipment is required. Basically you need workout clothes, a yoga mat, water bottle, timer (available on the clock app of your phone), a towel, and ideally 2 lb dumbbells, a jump rope, stairs, and a bench. If you are traveling and don’t have access to everything, you can improvise (e.g. a full water bottle can be used a a dumbbell and a sturdy chair as a bench.) What I like is that if I don’t have room for exercise clothes (and I’m not staying at a Westin Hotel that offers loaners), I can workout in the privacy of my room and wear whatever I have.

Getting Started with BodyBoss

Getting started is pretty easy. BodyBoss includes a goal worksheet to track progress because nothing is more motivating than seeing results. And it isn’t just about weight, this is about reshaping your body. It helps to measure your tummy and thighs too to see if you are losing inches, not just pounds. They also recommend taking before and after photos. Ugh, just looking at these makes me depressed. Ideally you would do photos in just shorts and a sports bra but there isn’t a chance I’m posting those photos online 🙂

Body Boss before and after photos

Pre-Training Workout

Since I’m not in great shape, and my recent exercise has primarily been taking long walks, I started out with the pre-training workouts. This is recommended for anyone who has recently had a baby or who isn’t in good shape, who is under/overweight, or can’t run 3 miles or more (e-hem, that’s me.)

Each week is broken out with specific workouts for Monday through Friday, which is perfect for me. Yes, the more spoonfed you can make it, the better. You start with a four-minute warm up (jogging, stationary bike, jumping rope, etc.), followed by six-minutes of warm-up stretches. Each exercise is illustrated and numbered with specific instructions on the number of reps or time to hold the exercise. If you need more details, each exercise has a more detailed explanation in the back of the book.

On Monday you warm up, stretch, and then complete the seven-minute high intensity interval training circuit exercises, repeat the circuit, and finish with a 10 minute cool. Tuesday calls for a five-minute warm up, 30 minutes of light exercise (like walking, swimming, biking, or yoga), and a five-minute cool down. Wednesday is a different circuit for another 37 minute workout, and Thursday you should 20 minutes doing a cardio workout like jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. (plus a warm up and cool down.) Friday is a 10-minute warm up, six-minute power-up circuit for the full body, and a 10-minute cool down. Each week changes it up with different exercises to keep it both fun and effective.

Body Boss workout

Short-term Results

I will say that even the pre-training requires you to challenge yourself  if you aren’t in shape. I was surprised by how hard I was working in such a short workout. The mix of exercises keeps it from getting too repetitive and makes sure to work your whole body. The older I get, the stiffer I get too so I’ve gotten into the habit of stretching every morning when I get up. Even though I was used to that level of stretching, the warm up and cool down stretches in the BodyBoss fitness guide felt so good.

Even still, the muscles in my glutes and thighs were sore from the lunges and squats. It made me feel good to know that I was finally mixing it up and exercises muscles that don’t typically get enough of a work out.

Body Boss stretch

I still have a long way to go, but between the exercise program and tracking my food intake with the LoseIt app, I’ve lost two pounds in the first few weeks. I’ve come to accept that weight loss just isn’t as easy for me as it was in my 30s. So more importantly than weight loss, I’m getting back into the rhythm of regular exercise, which has benefits way beyond my waistline. I feel better about myself and that I’m on the right track to getting back into some of those jeans that I’ve been avoiding for the last few months.

The fact that this system is so detailed, with day-by-day instructions for all 12 weeks (and four weeks of pre-training), will keep me motivated and dedicated. Nothing motivates me like checking things off a list. Plus I really have no choice, I have to make a change sooner rather than later.

Will I be getting back into a bikini by next summer? Ok, I’m a bit skeptical on that front, but if I can rock my tankini I’d be ecstatic.

Do you want to give the BodyBoss fitness guide a try?

Use promo code WE3TRAVEL to save 15%! (Valid until January 31, 2018.)

Note: This post is sponsored by BodyBoss. All opinions are my own.





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