10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

When I wrote recently about why you should consider keeping a travel journal, I got a lot of feedback from readers about how they intend to keep a journal but doing so can be challenging. I completely agree and sometimes you just have to find the method that works for you. That might mean checking in to locations on Foursquare to remember where you went, posting pictures on Instagram to document your journey, or something a little more detailed. I also thinking that finding the right journal and method of journaling can bring inspiration.

Since I’m already thinking about our trip to Italy in June and definitely want to bring a new travel journal along, I went on a search to find the perfect travel journal for me. Here are some of my top finds, including traditional travel journals, travel journals for kids, digital journal apps and DIY travel journals.

Traditional Travel Journals 

1. Paris Journal $45 from Etsy- If you are looking for something unique and special for a gift or a very special trip, look on Etsy. There are a ton of handmade journals but this shabby-chic style Paris journal with custom designed pages caught my eye. I can just picture giving it as a gift to a girl heading off on a semester abroad in Paris.

Paris Travel Journal from Etsy | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Paris Travel Journal from Etsy

2. Personalized Destination Travel Journals from $8.45 on Etsy If you want something specific to the location where you are traveling so it is both inspiring and easy to tell your journals apart, again, check Etsy for some amazing options. I liked this small, 32-page notebook with covers made from old atlases. (They have Italy – score!)

Italy Travel Journal | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Custom made travel journals with map covers from old atlases

3. Ticket Stub Diary $12 from Uncommon Goods. If you aren’t a big writer but like to save ticket stubs and other memorabilia, then maybe a ticket stub diary is a good choice (vs stuffing them in some envelope somewhere.) If offers slots to save tickets with room to record notes or memories.

Ticket Stub Diary | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Ticket Stub Diary from Uncommon Goods

4. Little Black Journal Series Travel Journal for $14.99. This little black book is good for travelers that like all their travel info in one place. It includes room for your itinerary, packing lists, and writing prompts, as well as travel info like time zones and other information helpful to globetrotters. 

Little Black Journal of Travel | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

The Little Black Journal for Travel

Travel Journals for Kids

5. The Children’s Travel Journal $19.99 from The Little Bookroom. This plastic-covered journal is perfect for kids 6 and up with plenty of space for making plans, recording first impressions, writing about restaurants, landmarks and museums and keeping special memories. It also includes a pocket for mementos.

Children's Journal from Little Book Room | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Children’s Journal from Little Book Room

6. Travel Scratch and Sketch for $11.11. This is a bit more of an activity book than a travel journal but I like how it ties in learning about other places and monuments with drawing to keep kids busy during a long car trip or plane ride. It includes a stylus for scratching off the black covering to reveal the colors beneath.

Travel Scratch and Sketch Activity Book | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Travel Scratch and Sketch Activity Book

DIY Travel Journals

7.  Postcard Travel Journal I love this idea from Freckles in Your Eyes that I found on Pinterest for creating your own travel journal. Just purchase a postcard everywhere you go and write yourself a note on the back. You can either mail them home or just keep them. Then when you get home, bind them together to create a journal.

Postcard Travel Journal | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

DIY Postcard Travel Journal

8. Travel Journal printables for kids. I recently decided to create my own do-it-yourself kids travel journal and created printables including a travel cover for noting where and when you are going, and two interior pages that can be printed and copied for each day of the trip. These printables include writing prompts and visual icons for recording how they felt, how they traveled, and what the weather was like.

Travel journal printable for kids | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Free travel journal printables for kids from We3Travel

Travel Journal Apps

9. Momento Daily Journal App for $2.99 on iOS. If you are more of a digital type, Momento is an interesting journal app that can also be used a travel journal. It allows you to keep a private journal, tag events and people, and incorporate streams from your social networks like FourSquare check-ins, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Facebook updates to make journaling easy.

Momento Journaling App | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

Momento Journal App for iOS

10. mTrip $4.99 on iOS and Android. One of my favorite travel apps when going to a new city is mTrip. This is much more than a journaling app in that it lets you build an itinerary, read reviews of restaurants and attractions, and navigate from place to place on your itinerary with offline maps using the GPS on your phone. It also has a built in journal function that I’m looking forward to trying out in Rome in June.

mTrip Travel App and Journal | 10 Travel Journals Worth Checking Out

mTrip Travel App and Journal

What I Look for in a Travel Journal

Everyone has their own preferences but here is what I look for in a travel journal:

  • A bound book that lies fairly flat when open and is easy to write in (especially for a leftie), which rules out large spiral bound notebooks
  • Small enough to fit into a purse or day bag so that I can bring it with me and write down notes and reflections during meal times or other restful periods when we are giving our legs a break so that it isn’t left until the end of the day when I’m too tired to write
  • A pocket or pouch to store ticket stubs and receipts
  • Reference pages with time zones, calling codes, common phrases, emergency numbers and other traveler information
  • Space to record our itinerary and important travel details
  • Free form journaling space vs. predetermined number of pages per trip or day that limit the way I want to record my thoughts

What about you, do you have a journal you love? What do you like in a travel journal or journaling app?



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